Fan’s From Abroad

By 26/04/2016Fan Zone

Luis Gomez, “Luison”


1. Favourite team besides Basel Nord

Obviously, Real Betis, a team with a good mix of fat players, drunk players and a solid base of female supporters. No surprise that the Bears conquered my heart from the first minute I saw them.

I keep also good memories of “Los Boliches”, a third division team from Spain where Juanito, one of the best Real Madrid and Spanish national team player played a few games in the dawn of his football career. Juanito is well respected and loved thanks to videos like this friendly salutation to Lothar Matthäus: . No doubt that Juanito had the heart of a bear.

2. Favourite moment

Watching Daniel Measor warming-up against Rosoneri, august 2014. By Warming-up I mean laughing, farting and pretending he was getting ready for the game. A couple of minutes after he came into the pitch and his first play was a two footed tackle followed by a smile and, probably, an erection after such a beautiful move.

3. Favourite player

Difficult question, do you prefer your dad or your mum? Each player has his special Powers and abilities, from Kaisi’s headers to Matti’s singular relationship with referees and opponents. However, here I have to say Nacho Man, not because he is a great player or a sexy male but because I sleep at his place when visiting Basel.

4. What would you do if Basel Nord gets promoted?

I’ll name my first son “Dan” and I promise an all-inclusive weekend in Madrid to celebrate such an event.

5. What would you like, as a fan, to see from the bears?

Fans from abroad have a close relationship with the team via Internet, so probably more social media contents, e.g. a bit of periscope from the changing room. I have heard best things happen inside that room, from Colombian salsa dances to naked people singing all together.